Mini Bio


Sage Justice, is a minimalists with a storage space: a complicated woman of nuanced contradictions.

Ms. Justice believes in transparency and privacy which can unintentionally create an air of mystery that can at times result in unwanted confusion and conflict. She is sorry/not sorry/sorry.

She is in her third decade of marriage with her BFF and has one daughter who is grade school age. Yes, she married young and had her one and only child when she was old, (well, older).

She and her family spent 18 colorful months as part of The Tiny House Movement, living and traveling in an old RV; mostly along the California Pacific Coast.

Sage and her child live with a rare, life-threatening genetic disorder: Vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and it’s gang of disabling comorbidity hoodlums. She has a deep compassion and empathy for those who suffer (and we all experience suffering at one time or another).

When not writing, she spends the majority of her time managing her and her daughter’s health, preparing (mostly) plant based meals, which by some blurred standards Taco Bell is at times considered “plant based,” and homeschooling through progressive Life Learning principles (here’s life, now learn).

Sage writes open letters to her daughter on her public blog, and is a firm believer in gentle self-deprecation, poised authenticity and puns (well placed or otherwise).

She’s been called many things: mystic, nonconforming artiste, and most often: late for dinner. Did I mention she has a corny sense of humor?

Her bucket list includes being a contestant on Jeopardy but her fear of not knowing a single answer in the form of a question, stops her from auditioning.

She loves laughing, thinking, loving and LIVING and hopes to continue doing what she loves for as long as possible.

She is currently keeping her blog decluttered: displaying just a dozen posts at a time, while turning two years of blog posts, culminating into 500,000 words, into five books on the five different subjects she has written most about: Relationships, RV Living, Homeschooling, Health, and the connection between Physics and the Paranormal.

Her goal is to say more with less words as she begins the writer’s most traveled path: rewriting, rewriting, and more rewriting. (Case in point: one “rewriting” should have sufficed).

But alas, she, like most artists, is a work in progress, (or, “a piece of work,” that is). HA!

Ps she is technology challenged but giving Twitter the ol’ college try.