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My Darling Daughter,


You asked me, “How can I be strong?”

There are so many types of strength from physical to spiritual; but I think you were asking me about mental strength.

I thought about the answer for two weeks. No matter what instruction came to mind there was a pulse behind it that mattered more.

That pulse, was breath.

If you want to be strong, take a series of three breaths whenever possible, especially before reacting to triggers, stress, or conflict.

The first breath, is mindfulness, to bring you into alignment with the present moment.

The second breath, is to pull back to you all the parts of yourself you have lent out to others, to worries, to task lists, to the clock. These pieces of yourself are like anchors from the sea which kept you in place but are now holding you back from moving on. In order to be grounded and whole, you must continually bring back your pieces of self. The second breath is to remind you of who you are, all of who you are: complete.

The third breath, is to call forth your support system: peaceful warriors, guardian and arch angels, soldiers of strength, spirit guides, and antecedents of unconditional love, to remind you that you are never alone.

There is no battle within or without that you will ever have to fight unaccompanied by the assistance of unforeseen sources of aid. This is a truth you can count on. You are loved, therefore you are championed, favored and encouraged by the ethereal as well as the physical energies that surround you.

If you want to know strength, you must learn how to embrace gentleness.

You must grow to be comfortable in the silent composed beats of music, we call rests.

You must be able to relax into a pause and breathe. Strength lies in what we choose not to say as much as it does in what we choose to say.

If you want to know strength, learn to ease into transitory periods of discomfort while expecting the best but perhaps preparing for the worst.

Strength is patience and fortitude,

it is tenacity and resilience

that walks with the wings of grace

in the shoes of kindness.

Strength is humility, a modest perception of one’s own importance which does not obstruct the view of oneness that interconnects us all.

If you want to know strength learn quietude.

Read poetry in nature.

Enjoy your own company.

Take in a sunset with the same anticipation you might a Broadway show.

Meditate consistently.

But most of all, just breathe.

I know you will.

You are stronger than you will ever know.

In fact, your inner strength has carried forth our history, centuries of reincarnated memories, reside in the cellular makeup of your courage.

Breathe, so that your strength softens with flexibility, a true strength; and will not, cannot, break you.

For you are already much stronger than you can imagine.

I love you.
Xo Mommy.